How does scanner app iPhone work?


There is no doubt about it, iPhones are all the rage now. And it makes sense – they are basically small pocket computers, which we can bring anywhere, and they also allow us to make calls and send SMS. That is pretty important, because thanks to this we can call for help wherewer we are.

That is all great, but to use your device to its fullest potential, you need to customize it with applications. There are many you can choose from, so it depends on you and what do you want use your phone for.


For example, you can download many games, but also text editors, ebook readers, applications for listening to music, and many others. Some are more well-known than the others, but one many people didn´t hear about, but which is definitely usefull, is the scanner app iPhone.

Yes, you can say you´ve heard about it – it just scans QR codes, right? No, this isn´t that one. The one I am talking about allows you to connect your device to any portable scanner via for example USB connector and scan different documents.


This is definitely usefull, because it means you don´t have to carry physical copy with you all the time, which protects it from damage. You can also store them that way, so you can easily find the one you are searching for wihtout the need to go through pile of papers – let´s face it, searching for certain document on the phone is easier than in aforementioned pile of papers.

Of course, you don´t have to use it only for scanning important documents. You can easily store your old photographs this way. You can then show them to your friends without the need to bring out the paper ones and risk their damaging – which would not be good especially for very old photos.

As you can see, it is pretty usefull application. No doubt it will slowly, but surely gain popularity, and many more people will use it.